Papel (de Punto)

May 25, 2015

P a p e l (de punto) is the perfect balance between an architect and a fashion designer, Laura Acevedo and Felipe Guerra. P a p e l (de punto) is made in Colombia.

Laura Acevedo Trillos was born in Colombia on March 6, 1987; she studied art in Los Andes University and fashion in La Arturo Tejada Cano. Laura has a deep passion for patterns, graphic design, textiles and knitwear.
f e l i p e & l a u r a

Tell us a little bit about what you do. P a p e l (de punto) is an invitation to embellish your life through what can be captured in a blank paper knit. Using knitted threads as a canvas, each collection is a personal thought about art, music, design, architecture, literature or something else that has inspired us. It is the perfect balance between architecture and fashion. Felipe Guerra, my partner, is the brand architect and editor of style, I am the fashion and textile designer.

P a p e l (de punto) offers maximum differentiation in everyday life; our pieces are an entirely numbered and limited edition that fit both men and women. They are made in Colombia but with a global vision of fashion and gender. An aesthetic concern leads us to create visual beauty by playing with the classic way of wearing knit indumentaria, and textile patterns. Neat but fun is our motto.

fondo SACOS serpiente

Top 3 favorite websites and why? My favorite website is the NEW p a p e l d e p u n t o  online shop! I really enjoy having a webpage that reflects our neat taste — a fun way to wear clothes. I also like Artnau, which is the result of two of my many obsessions. Lastly, this would be my favorite song of the moment.

How has living in Bogotá affected your work? I love Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia. Raised in Bogotá, it has affected my work especially because of the weather. It is a cold city in the middle of a tropical country — perfect for knitted sweaters and cozy throws!


What kinds of things are influencing your work right now? A trip to Mexico City opened my eyes on Latino proud and belonging, we have been working on that feeling a lot. As personal research… our recent collection relates to South American roots and empowerment; it is also featured in our next runway collection at Colombiamoda (30 July).

night stampede sweater1

What are some recent, upcoming or current projects you are working on? I am working on our next runway show at Colombiamoda with Revista Fucsia. In addition, I am designing new wood accessories and a special line for our home edition.

If you were a drink what drink would you be? Hot chocolate, so warm and sweet.

What designers are you interested in right now? I love local and global designers so it would be Colombian designer, Miguel Mesa, Japanese designer, Tsumori Chisato, and even new takes on broken porcelain done by ANDRESGALLARDO!


Tell us about your work process and how it develops. Felipe and I will base a collection theme on a mutual interest, so we can start an investigation about it. After we would find inspiration and create, surrounding the main symbols or visual metaphors.

First, it is all about the textile design that is knitted in a universal or Stoll machine and then sewn into sweaters, scarfs, dresses, into a new cloth reference… or even a home edition throw.

2014_11_14_Greeks_Papel-01 copy..jpg.gif

What’s your absolute favorite place in the world to be? Rotterdam, I really enjoyed the city.