Camilo Medina

June 20, 2019

Born and raised in Colombia, Camilo Medina is a visual artist and musician based in Chicago, IL. Working at an ad agency for sometime after college, he moved on to focus on his own work and design. For the past three years he has focused on his music with his band Divino Niño and freelanced in design making work for clients such as Clairo, Vice, and Thalia Hall.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

My name is Camilo, I’m a musician and visual artist living in Chicago.

How did your interest in illustration and design begin?

I played in bands and took art courses all through high school but went to college for graphic design, mainly because my parents wanted me to get a job. Music has always been my most intuitive way of making art. It wasn’t until I left my Ad Agency job and started freelancing that I began to find freedom in my visual art practice and I’m still working on developing it.

What are some recent or current projects you are working on?

A few record covers, some summer festival visuals, t-shirts, an editorial and a painting for an exhibit opening soon. Excited about that last one.

How did you begin working with and designing for musicians?

I started my freelance gig designing logos and app designs. When work was low I would make art for fun and post it on Instagram. At the time I was going to and playing at a lot of local shows in the city. Friends and people in the community started hiring me to make cheap show posters, album covers and merch design, until little by little it became my full time deal.

Does the music affect the way you approach your design process?

Yeah, the more I understand where the musician is coming from, the easier it is to create a visual for it. Before I start a project I try to ask many questions to intellectually understand their vibe, but hearing the music connects the dots I need to make it visual. 

Recently, you’ve made a painting for a show at Co-Prosperity Sphere and a coverall for the Empty Bottle benefit. Have you thought about working more materially lately rather than digitally?

I will be making more physical work for sure. I’ve only made two paintings so far and I’ve really enjoyed myself. When I get the ball rolling for a painting, my mind goes to a very peaceful place, which barely happens when I work digitally. 

How has living in Chicago affected your work?

Chicago has such a cool music and art community. Specifically in music, I feel like I’m most inspired by people who live here.

What are some artists or designers inspiring you right now?

Bands like George Clanton and The Garden put me in the right feel. Visually I go with Karl Wirsum, Jon Wesley, or anything I see that makes me laugh.

Who would you ideally like to collaborate with?

I don’t know, probably with friends like Alexa Vicious or Aaron Lowell.

Can you tell us something you’re really excited about?

I made a painting for an art show coming up this Saturday night. Ryan Duggan put together the show and I’m beyond honored to be part of the line up of artists.