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Tooth for Tooth

3.09.24 - 4.14.24

14 is considered a karmic number. Karmic numbers can represent challenges you need to face in your life, as well as the potential for growth and positive change. They are sending you an important message about the different ways your life may change. Karmic debt number 14 is one of the most challenging numbers in the entire numerology system as it is closely associated with hope and fear. For people with this number, it is essential to remain modest to overcome their karmic debt to live freely.

In American tradition, the 14th wedding anniversary gift is ivory. Ivory was one the first materials used to replace lost teeth. These dentures would often decay inside the users’ mouths, but would almost always get the job done.

LVL3 proudly presents Tooth for Tooth, a group exhibition celebrating the gallery’s 14th anniversary. For each anniversary, we welcome back five previously exhibited artists back to LVL3. This year, Matt Mancini, Kevin Umaña, Ryan Oskin, Noël Morical, and Erin Washington will contribute artworks to explore the relationship between these weighted histories, and to celebrate another year.

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Opening: Saturday, March 9th, 6-9PM

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