Gallery Exhibitions

God and everybody

1.13.2024 - 3.3.2024

LVL3 is pleased to present God and everybody, a two-person exhibition of new work from Emma Beatrez (Minneapolis, MN) and Mikey Mosher (Chicago, IL). Beatrez and Mosher’s practices share an exploration and re-contextualization of religious iconography. In a broad range of media, including hand-cut collage to digital fabrication, slip cast ceramics, tattooed rubber, and video installation, the artists cultivate an acute sense of nostalgia through a reinterpretation of imagery that’s endured a pious, decidedly American, upbringing. “God and everybody”, a term borrowed from a colloquial phrase used to emphasize an expression of hubristic conviction, traditionally in the American South, scrutinizes the way we respond to and consider what was once considered sacred; the exhibited works ask the viewer to reconsider the implications and bases of their own spiritual relationships, the roots of their pride and shame, and the abiding motifs of their personal histories.

Press Release

Opening: Saturday, January 13th, 2024 6-9 PM

Mikey Mosher | an offering | 2024 | Silver gelatin print, laser-engraved plywood, acrylic paint, cloth ribbon, plexi, MDF | 14.5 x 14.5 x .5″


Emma Beatrez | Mirroring Strategies | 2023 | Found winter tire chains, chainmail, rosary rings, charms, rhinestone chain | Dimensions vary
Mikey Mosher | closed loop | 2023 | Found objects, pegboard, paint, metal grid, enamel spray paint, zip ties | 16” x 20” x 4.5″
Mikey Mosher | everything else, 2024 | Video on CRT | Duration 7:10 min
Emma Beatrez | Bad Boy | 2023 | Porcelain and stoneware mix, radiation therapy mat, keychain | Dimensions vary

Mikey Mosher | Join and Die and Join and Die and…, | 2024 | Collage, laser-engraved plywood, cloth ribbon, acrylic paint, plexi, MDF | 14.5 x 14.5 x .5″
Mikey Mosher | Cut the Line, 2024 | Inkjet prints, CNC hardwood, plexi, MDF, wax, found objects, stool legs | 32.5 x 9 x 1″

Emma Beatrez | Hardbody II |2023 | Stoneware, autopaint, dragon skin, mica, weight lifting belt, steel, aluminum, car jacks, rhinestone chain, charms, epoxy | Dimensions vary

Mikey Mosher | the healer | 2023 | Found objects, pegboard, paint, metal grid, enamel spray paint, zip ties | 16 x 20 x 4.5″
Emma Beatrez | Rider | 2023 | Rhinestone Chain | Dimensions vary

Emma Beatrez | Anchors | 2023 | Stoneware, automotive paint, epoxy, wire | Dimensions vary

Emma Beatrez | HeartBreaker (left); Bailey (right) | 2023 | Oil on canvas over panel | 14” x 11”
Mikey Mosher | a window, a reservoir, 2024 | CNC poplar, wax, found objects | 12.5 x 8.3 x 1″