Gallery Exhibitions

The Chaperone

01.21.23 - 3.5.23

LVL3 proudly presents The Chaperone, a three person exhibition featuring Mark Zubrovich(New York, NY), Alyssa Kazew(Austin, TX), and Betsy Odom(Chicago, IL).

The five-foot-eight man-in-rabbit-clothing has struck again. A guard in a housing project under construction in Fairfax, Virginia, told police he came upon a figure in a white bunny suit with floppy ears chopping away with a hatchet at the porch post of an unfinished house. [Furries are NOT a joke. They are not funny! They are awesome and dangerous and everything in between.]

Imagine you are not human. In a gallery. You’re walking around the gallery and your tail is wagging and then you look up and see a painting of a guy who looks exactly like you. Except…this guy is kind of sexy.

Maybe you lust after the tooled-leather stork? Maybe you lust after Peter Criss, he is a cat boy after all…

Are you projecting? What’s the point? Do you need some help? Do you need a Chaperone?

Maybe we can think about it this way: We’re trying to find some space. We’re trying to see ourselves from a better perspective. A perspective we desire, one that is less shameful. In a youtube video. Through a telephoto lens.

“You are trespassing. If you come any closer, I’ll chop off your head.”

Opening: Saturday,  January 21st, 6 – 9 pm!

Press Release

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