Gallery Exhibitions


3.11.2023 - 4.16.2023

To mark the celebration of its 13th year of operation, LVL3 proudly announces “Must-See”, a five person group exhibition featuring Pamela Ramos, Libbi Ponce, Juan Neira, Montgomery Smith, and Fraser Taylor. For “Must-See” we have invited several artists previously featured at LVL3 to respond to themes of coming of age and unluckiness.

Microwave the left-over gas station sushi and put on your favorite oversized, esoteric red bubble band t-shirt. It’s time for the story of a botched rite of passage. You gathered your belongings after being caught plagiarizing, and now you’re on your way to the principal’s office. Who cares that you didn’t finish Pinter’s “The Birthday Party”? That play will be of no use to you later on as an accountant. 

You are bored, you are boring, remember when you were 13? Life was so much better then! You had Claire’s…they fell off didn’t they? 

But that is not what this show is about. It is our birthday, this is our party and we are about to blow out the candles. Our father gives us a wrapped present complete with a shiny bow on top. Unwrapping it only to find a Michael Bublé CD. Our parents don’t know that we like listening to The Ramones and smoking cigarettes while we discuss Hunter S. Thompson in empty parking lots; it’s not because we don’t talk to them about it…it is because they are out of touch. The more that we share, the less we have opportunities to appear mysterious. A night on chat roulette would have sufficed.

Opening Reception: March 11th, 6-9pm.

Gallery hours are Sundays 1-4 pm and can also be made by appointment. Email or call/text 312-469-0333 to reserve a time outside of gallery hours.