Gallery Exhibitions

Take Me Somewhere Nice

7.27.24 - 9.1.24

LVL3 proudly presents Take Me Somewhere Nice, a three-person exhibition featuring Michael Assiff (Queens, New York), Sidney Mullis (Pittsburgh, PA), and Tatiana Sky (Chicago, IL).

Assiff, Mullis, and Sky join together in examining the durability of current socio-political infrastructures that lay waste to nature. From their gardens and woods grow critiques surrounding the delicate relationship between humans, their environments, and the ephemeral nature of self and space.

Situated in the cracks where concrete, plastic, and grass meet, their work shares an intimacy with the earth. Take Me Somewhere Nice explores the human desire to curate and colonize environments as a means of escapism and control over the uncertain.

The artists take the truism of “if what you water grows” to task: what sprouts within the absence of attention? What flourishes when tending to our gardens? Beneath the weeds and through the thicket, Take Me Somewhere Nice uncovers a pathway towards ecological, societal, and self-preservation.

Opening: Saturday, July 27th, 6-9 PM

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