Gallery Exhibitions

Sacred Whole

6.1.24 - 7.21.24

LVL3 proudly presents Sacred Whole, a three-person exhibition featuring Matt Morris (Chicago, IL), Kitty Rauth (Chicago, IL), and Jacquelin Zazueta (Marfa, TX).

Morris, Rauth, and Zazueta’s practices come together to present works that show a shared desire exploring care, class, queerness, and the divine. Through explorations of personal and cultural histories, the artists communicate what it means to exist in today’s excess through tributaries to the past.

Morris materializes and indulges in desire through the use of painting, textile, and fragrance, bringing forth and questioning the uneasy discourse surrounding femininity, repression, and the political realities of subjecthood.

By taking a seat at the complicated space of the dining table, Rauth’s interdisciplinary practice navigates historically classist systems of etiquette by considering the morality placed on consumption and complicated ethical landscapes surrounding pleasure and excess.

Zazueta explores the immaterial realm of the sacred through tangible mediums including flocked 3D printed sculptures. Amassing objects that resonate with her, Zazueta erects shrines, altars, and prayer tablets, transforming the ghosts of the lost forms into vibrant, devotional modules.

Playing with the binaries of temporality and permanence, sacred and profane, scarcity and excess, Morris, Rauth, and Zazueta invite us to revel in their collective histories.

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Opening: Saturday, June 1st, 6-9 PM

Gallery hours are Sundays 1-4 pm and can also be made by appointment. Email or call/text 312-469-0333 to reserve a time outside of gallery hours.