Gallery Exhibitions

Quarterly Site #4: Registers

10.9.10 -10.31.10

Featured curators:
Andrew Blackley
Stephanie Burke
Steve Ruiz

Quarterly Site #4: Registers is hosted by LVL3 gallery. Using proportion as a working theme, three curators have organized an exhibition that demonstrates the framework’s binary qualities as part of the art making and viewing experience. With the inclusion of works that exist in oppositional pairs, proportion is explored both

intuitively and in a most orderly fashion.Combining these different sets of artwork/information (registers) into an exhibition/ arrangement (coordinate system), the curators have created a dialogue that is representative of proportion’s many literal and
conceptual complexities.

Twelve Galleries Project began as a roving exhibition series featuring the work of emerging artists over the course of one year. With each new month, a new location was selected and a new gallery was formed, producing 12 site-specific exhibitions from JANUARY all the way through to DECEMBER gallery.

For its second transitory venture, Twelve Galleries Project presents the Quarterly Site Series. QSS will focus its attention to the efforts of curators and current Chicago galleries. Every quarter for the next three years, within an existing Chicago gallery, three curators will collectively organize a themed exhibition. Specific to QSS is collaboration. With the exception of a predetermined theme that is conducive to varied interpretation, there are no rules. Because there are no rules, each group of curators has the possibility to develop a unique model of curatorial practice.

Opening Reception
Saturday 9 October 2010