Gallery Exhibitions


6.26.21 - 8.8.21

LVL3 is proud to present Glimpses — a  three-person exhibition featuring work by Minami Kobayashi (London), Sacha Ingber (New York), and Justin Nalley (Chicago). 

Kobayashi’s splayed-out paintings depict transient scenes of human and animal figures amidst implicative narratives. When engaging with her translucent works, the viewer takes on the perspective of a vulnerable voyeur, momentarily invited into shifting landscapes of routine. Ingber’s objects take on a fantasy life of their own. Her delicate sculptures and drawings are memorials, evocative abstractions that reify personal mythologies. In contrast to her processual sculptural works, her drawings reflect the rhythm of a person’s daily psyche. 

Nalley pokes fun at the collective fantasies artists and Americans alike prescribe to, to navigate current times. All three artists address potential sites of memory, as Kobayashi asks the viewer to revel in the ephemeral, Ingber parses out the potential permanence of everyday iconographies, and Nalley improvises with collections of doodles and receipts. Exuding sentimental humor, Nalley’s poetry cares for the viewer, holding them in the emotive space of art-making, tying the psychological spaces Kobayashi & Ingber work from to manifest their affective compositions. Each artist in Glimpses sneaks a glance, asking the viewer to unpack their associative experiences with the works and creative process.

Opening Weekend:

Saturday,  June 26th 1-6pm
Sunday, June 27th 1-5pm

Regular gallery hours Sundays 1-4pm and by appointment.
Email or call/text 312-469-0333 to reserve a time.

*If you are not vaccinated, masks must be worn to enter the gallery.