Gallery Exhibitions

Emerald City

11.16.13 – 12.15.13

LVL3 is proud to present Emerald City: a group exhibition featuring five multidisciplinary artists. As our closing exhibition for the year, we reflect on this years 2013 Color of the Year selected by Pantone LLC. Emerald as described by Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute states “Green is the most abundant hue in nature—the human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum… As it has throughout history, multifaceted Emerald continues to sparkle and fascinate.” In the fictional story, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Emerald City acts as the capital of the Land of Oz. Deeply rooted into this iconic story, the author Frank Baum was said to have been likely inspired by the White City of the World’s Columbian Exposition known as the Chicago’s World Fair. Emerald City pulls together five artists from various locations to exhibit new work from the growing success of LVL3 Artist of the Week.

Opening Reception
Saturday 16 November 2013