Gallery Exhibitions

Echoes In Rain

10.17.20 - 12.20.20

LVL3 is proud to present Echoes In Rain, a two-person exhibition featuring work by Emily Endo and Hyun Jung Jun. Showcasing sculptures, candles, painting, glass, and water; Endo and Jun have a way of mythologizing natural phenomena. Endo’s material choices speak to biology and fantasy: a fountain is both a flowing ecological system and a classical symbol of spiritual connection to a landscape. Jun’s installations are measures and meditations which take up more time than they do space. A very long painting together with enduring assortments of candles communicate a sacred tedium for the viewer to navigate.

Opening Weekend Hours:

Saturday, October 17th 1-6pm

Sunday, October 18th 1-5pm

Regular gallery hours Sundays 1-4pm and by appointment. Email or call/text 312-469-0333 to reserve a time.

*Please note there will be limited occupancy and masks must be worn to enter the gallery.