Gallery Exhibitions

Where is the Reward

6.15.19 - 8.4.19

LVL3 presents, Where is the Reward, a two-person exhibition featuring Chicago based Jessie Darnell and Columbus based Morgan Rose Free. Free is breathing new life into objects found through anthropomorphic transformations creating alternative narrative structures and contexts. Darnell is also rewriting narratives by framing sourced imagery of call girls, plumbing books, and fetish letters in combination with materials associated with dominance and desire. The new bodies of work within Where is the Reward examine how Darnell and Free make material connections through assemblage and mixed media collage to discuss ideas around agency. Agency within the forms or figures they uncover and then establish as shiny new objects.

Opening Reception:

Saturday, 15 June, 2019


Jessie Darnell | Susan Is My Name, Degradation Is My Game | 2019 Window, duct tape, John Deere playing card, found personal ad images, 20.5” x 54.5’”
Morgan Rose Free | These Things Take Time| 2019, Glazed ceramic, steel hook, 32” x 21” x 2”
Jessie Darnell | Thug Life | 2019 Blanket, meat hooks, found image, 77” x 67”
Morgan Rose Free | Far Flung | 2019 Glazed ceramic, found cotton, photo printed polyester, polyfill, 27” x 20” x 3”
Jessie Darnell | Ready When You Are | 2019, Frame, found images, alphabet letter magnet, bubble wrap, liquid rubber, 37” x 48”
Morgan Rose Free | Gorgeous Murk | 2019 Glazed ceramic, fake leaves, jewelry chain, aluminum can pull tab, 16” x 58” x 4”
Morgan Rose Free | I Don’t Want to Rot Yet | 2019, Glazed ceramic, found cotton, earring hook, Dimensions variable
Morgan Rose Free | Nothing Here is Promised | 2019 Found cotton, polyfill, grommets, 89” x 120” x 5”
Morgan Rose Free | The Middle of Somewhere | 2019 Found lawn chair, photo printed polyester, bird spikes, 52” x 25” x 40”
Jessie Darnell | Bella (Insatiable Petite Woman Wants to Surrender Entire Body and Soul) | 2019, Fence, duct tape, dog tag, found images, 46” x 42”
Jessie Darnell | Don’t Laugh (Your Daughter Might Be in Here)| 2019 Frame, found personal ad images, bumper sticker, liquid rubber, 40” x 34”
Morgan Rose Free | A Hand In It | 2019, Found cotton, photo printed polyester, wood, polyfill, 17” x 14” x 30”
Jessie Darnell | Angel From Hell (Husband Approves) | 2019, Mirror, duct tape, leather-making book page, liquid rubber, found image, 16” x 22”
Jessie Darnell | My Turn | 2019, Fence, found personal ad images, lucky rabbit foot, bumper sticker, dog collar, Black Cat fireworks logo, hair band, 97” x 32”
Morgan Rose Free | About The Ground | 2019, Glazed ceramic, 19” x 16” x 5”