Gallery Exhibitions

Two rocks do not make a duck

7.12.14 – 8.17.14

LVL3 is excited to present Two rocks do not make a duck: a group show bringing together Milano Chow, Sofia Leiby and Malin Gabriella Nordin. Chow’s fine detail in her illustrations reflect a decorative sense within her window-like compositions that lean towards domesticity. Leiby uses painting as a self-generative process, pushing memory aside using screen printing and layered mark-making. Nordin assembles forms with a unique undertone of emotion resting within its shadows.“Two rocks do not make a duck” is a hikers saying to remind oneself that one rock resting upon another does not always signify an intentional cairn marking. The stacking of stones may not always represent a direction, and a viewer must pay close attention in order to avoid being misled. These three artists address the viewer’s perspective of surface and how layering brings forward additional feelings from within the work.

Opening Reception
Saturday 12 July 2014