The Swiss

February 9, 2015

The Swiss are what disco should be. Insistent drums, tractor beam bass and melodies that got here on a rainbow — all in sync with the biorhythms of ecstasy and heartbreak. It’s not wedding music, it’s not beardy edit dross, it’s actual disco.

As they have been doing since their debut EP ‘Movements’ and then again on the rampantly monstrous ‘Bubble Bath’ EP, The Swiss have tastefully played every instrument live and put it down on warm tape with vintage analog gear. The end result is something between the studio and the after-party in real-time. Like a velvet fist in a chrome glove, The Swiss pack a sense of faded decadence into a face-shatteringly stunning image of what is to come.

Forming in secondary school and deciding on a name with no relevance to anything, The Swiss initially set out as a trio before settling on their current line-up of Tony “Sweet 1/16ths” Mitolo and Luke Godson (also known as Luke Million, the man behind the inescapable, floor-filling earworm that is “Arnold”). Tony is a verified man-beast of a drummer whose work behind a kit is an immediate incitement to dance, carrying the unrelenting drive of a rhythm box but the lively inflection of a liquid human. Luke is the other side of the coin; a virtuosic melody ace in charge of synths, Rhodes and anything else striped in black and white that makes a noise from beyond the palace of the ultra-gods.

This diamond-paved path leads us now to The Swiss‘ latest offerings via Kitsuné. The ‘Elouisa’, ‘Kiss to Kiss’ and ‘In The City’ EP’s are a pulsating ode to the past, present and multiple futures of 4/4 that sees the band perfect what you already know they’re good at whilst also pushing into new and, at times, unexpected territory.

Swiss Pic 2

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do. Hi I’m Luke and I play synthesizers. Hi I’m Tony and I play drums. Together we make music as the Swiss.



What are some recent, upcoming or current projects you are working on? We just gave away a new track for Xmas called Movement IV. It was an ode to our instrumental beginnings and we are looking at getting back into that style again. We want to get away from the computer screen as much as possible and really focus on jamming in the studio again. So with that in mind we are heading into the studio very soon.

What are you currently watching on Netflix?
Tony – “Peaky Blinders” and hanging for the next season of “House of Cards”
Luke – This may sound crazy, but I really don’t watch much TV



What is one of the bigger challenges you and/or other musicians are struggling with these days and how do you see it developing? Right now, the biggest challenge is record sales. Unless you are a major pop artist you will not be moving many units. It’s just the way things are in this Digital age. It will improve slightly, but musicians need to focus on other areas to compensate for this.

If you had to explain your music to a stranger, what would you say? It’s a couple of guys jamming away and having a good time all the time.

What are you listening to right now?
Tony – Daniel Avery, Tame Impala & Am Radio
Luke – Röyksopp & Mark Ronson

Swiss Pic 4

What is your snack/beverage of choice when recording?
Tony – Cup of tea and a Yoyo biscuit
Luke – Powerade and a Snickers bar.

What do you do when you’re not working on music?
Tony – Drink wine and eat
Luke – probably the same haha



What are you really excited about right now? We are really excited about jamming and setting up a studio in a shed at a winery. We have actually been apart and on two different sides of the world for over a year. So really keen to get back into things.

If you hadn’t become a musician, what do you think you’d be doing?
Tony – A chef
Luke – A doctor



Can you share one of the best or worst reactions you have gotten as a result of your music? Our best reaction was the crowd Libertine Supersport in Brussels when we played there back in 2010. We have had many amazing gigs since, but that one always stands out. We really connected with the people there it felt so good.

Swiss Pic 3