Gallery Exhibitions

Three Vertices

2.25.12 - 3.25.12

LVL3 presents Three Vertices, a group show in honor of our two year anniversary. Three Vertices focuses on the abundance of triangular shapes appearing in contemporary artworks. This investigation into the shape and form of the triangle seeks to understand its functionality throughout the artists’ work. Alex Ebstein examines modernism and abstraction through a hybrid of painting, drawing and collage, using non-traditional and found materials. Nathan Green illustrates the intuitive nature of contemporary creative techniques and processes while employing methods of craft and construction that explore the formal and structural qualities of abstraction. Clay Hickson’s work explores the intersection between various post-modern influences and the positive sentiments that were central to the attitudes of 1960’s counter culture in order to produce topical manifestations focusing on shape and pattern. Samara Scott demonstrates an interest in texture, pattern and decor, pairing unlikely surfaces, both manmade and natural, with references to icons and symbols of everyday life. Lastly, Kaylee Rae Wyant utilizes the self-conscious nature that is inherently central to the inspiration and expression of most contemporary art, channeling both emotion and cynicism in order to produce works that are concurrently sentimental and carefully constructed.

In conjunction with our two year anniversary exhibition, LVL3 is excited to premier our new publications MRKT, where visitors can acquire artist books, limited editions and ephemera.

Opening Reception
Saturday 25 February 2012