Christopher Schreck

November 10, 2014

Christopher Schreck is a writer based in New York City. His work has been featured in publications such as Aperture and Kaleidoscope, as well as in numerous catalogs, books, and monographs. He is a published poet and photographer, and is the co-founder of Off-White, a press dedicated to contemporary art, poetry, and writing.

CDSTell us a little bit about yourself and what you do. I’m a writer based in New York City. I’ve also published books of poetry and photography, and recently founded a press dedicated to books of contemporary art, poetry and writing.

How has living in New York affected your work? Immensely. I really don’t think I would—or, more to the point, could—be doing what I am if I lived anywhere else. The access, the community, the opportunity, the pace, the pressures: for better or worse, both personally and professionally, this setting can’t help but influence what you do. It’s not always pleasant, certainly, but in my case, it’s been hugely beneficial.


What kinds of things are influencing your work right now? Writers whose output is consistently diligent but still accessible, aesthetic, personal and opinionated: people like Susan Sontag, Frank O’Hara, James Baldwin, Maggie Nelson, Ellen Willis.

Who would you ideally like to collaborate with? I’m already fortunate enough to be able to work every day with artists I love and admire—as far as I’m concerned, that is the ideal.

What do you want a reader to walk away with after experiencing your work? “After all, you must enjoy my writing; if you enjoy it, you understand it. If you did not enjoy it, why do you make a fuss about it?” – Gertrude Stein


What are you really excited about right now? Off-White, the press I recently founded with my friend Landon Metz. Our first round of releases include:

– a poetry anthology, featuring writings by Joshua Abelow, Maggie Lee, Landon Metz, Bunny Rogers, Christopher Schreck, Edward Marshall Shenk, Travess Smalley and Keith J. Varadi

– a drawing anthology, featuring work by Aaron Garber-Maikovska, Sofia Leiby, Landon Metz, Nikholis Planck, Travess Smalley and Torey Thornton

– a book on the use of ceramics in contemporary art, featuring Christopher Schreck in conversation with Robin Cameron, Jessica Hans, Jimmy Limit, Dan McCarthy and Erin Jane Nelson

– a series of double-sided prints by Travess Smalley, Linus Bill & Adrien Horni, Maryanne Casasanta and Sofia Leiby, which serves as “covers” for exclusive online mixes created by Travess, Christopher Schreck, Maryanne and Saelan Twerdy, respectively.

Schreck_off-white_newbalanceIf you were a drink what drink would you be? Assuming you are what you drink: a whiskey neat?

Top 3 most visited websites and why?
1.) – Probably for obvious reasons: it’s an invaluable resource and a total pleasure to explore.
2.) – ” ”
3.) – ” ”

What’s your absolute favorite place in your city to be? Living here, one’s definitely spoiled for options, but I will say that for me, not much beats spending an afternoon at the Met, crossing the street, and taking a walk through Central Park—particularly this time of year.

Schreck_off-white_poetry1What are some current or upcoming projects you are working on? Along with the second round of Off-White releases and texts written for upcoming monographs by Landon Metz and David Brandon Geeting, my current projects include two books of poetry, a long-form essay on the subject of art vandalism, and experiments with perfumery.