Gallery Exhibitions

Real Space

10.29.11 - 11.27.11

In conjunction with the ACRE Residency program, LVL3 is pleased to present Real Space, an exhibition of new works by Alyse Ronayne, Bryan Lear, Dan Bradica and Zak Arctander. These four artists create work using recognizable forms and materials, re-contextualizing, de-contextualizing and transforming the familiar into the unfamiliar. Alyse Ronayne’s paper sculptures hover in liminal space, intermixing senses of luminosity and weightlessness with density and heft. Bryan Lear illuminates the interconnectedness between the ordinary and the rare with the use of simple transformations. Dan Bradica manipulates and intervenes with images of the natural, exploring relationships with perception, space and environment. Zak Arctander uses the image as surrogate to portray his light and dark subjects in a balanced scheme. These four artists will exhibit together in the generative spirit of the residency to support and institute their ongoing ideas.

Opening Reception
Saturday 29 October 2011