Review: LtdWear5 at LVL3

June 2021

This show is the fifth iteration of LtdWear, a group exhibition and fashion collection put on collaboratively by LVL3 gallery and Tusk Chicago. LtdWear is a wearables collection/exhibition where participating artists are sent a basic wearable item and invited to alter/change/remake the item for exhibition in the gallery as a retail installation. It’s a “cake in a box, but make it yours,” kind of situation……..I wonder if there’s more room for galleries in Chicago to extend their offerings beyond the gallery walls and into ecosystems of care. If we can get 50 artists to make aprons and oven mitts, maybe there’s a show at an established gallery like this where we can, like Nat Pyper, REJECT ART IN ORDER TO EMBED ART into our everyday practices of support and nourishment.

See it here