Chicago Reader: Artists still run Chicago

August 18, 2020

“In 2010, LVL3 started as a live-work space which has now turned into an inclusive exhibition space. LVL3 celebrated its ten-year anniversary in February, which is a large part of their selection of work in “Artist Run 2.0.” Vincent Uribe, the director of the gallery, says, “It’s an honor to participate alongside so many of our favorite artist-run spaces. It’s a bit surreal to think we’ve been doing year-round exhibition programming for the past ten years, having interacted with so many different artists from all over the world.”

The pieces at HPAC are work and ephemera that LVL3 has collected and archived over the years. “There are notes from artists, instructions, fragments of things left behind but they have a distinct memory tied to them to help us recognize the work we’ve put into LVL3 with so many different people involved,” Uribe says.”

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