July 7, 2014

Wackerhaus is a design studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and it’s run by Creative Director, Trine Wackerhausen.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do. Currently, I am based in Copenhagen. I studied in Stockholm, went back to Copenhagen and started Wackerhaus in 2003—young and naive, making all possible beginner’s mistakes! It was a long and developing process being independent, and I was working like a mad woman for many years without any profit. But luckily I did some things right, so the business grew steadily, and I now have a partner in the company. All has turned greatly, and we are proud of where WACKERHAUS finds itself today.

How long have you lived in Copenhagen and what brought you there? Originally, I was born and raised in the surburbs of Copenhagen. In my life, I lived in Stockholm and Saigon for some years. But now I am back in Copenhagen for good. I like living in a smaller city; it suits my temperament well, so I will probably stay here for good.

How has living in Copenhagen affected your work? Well, when we look at the seasons for instance, the summer is great in my city. I actually dedicated a previous collection to it: SS14 “Pool City”, celebrating that special summer feeling that sweeps through the streets of Copenhagen. The city comes alive, as if we are released after a long dark Nordic winter. The pavements are flooded with people and a sense of general positivity roams the streets. Wonderful and very special.

Describe your current studio or workspace. The studio is placed in the north eastern part of Copenhagen. It is an old butchers shop with big rounded windows. Really beautiful. The area is very local in the sense that people actually know each other, some have lived here all their lives, and there’s a great mix of all kinds of people surrounding us. The area hasn’t been exploited yet, so it has a very genuine feel. Another bonus is that the studio is close to the harbour, so we usually meet in the morning for a splash and then go to work, it’s a perfect way of starting the day in the summer.

What were you like in high school? That is an interesting one. Basically, it was a long journey: the first year I was sweet and soft, the second year I was a hippie, 3rd year I was pierced, gloomy and slightly angry at the world. If I had to summarize…

Favorite article of clothing? Definitely a blazer. I love designing them and I love wearing them. They are usually the first step and starting point when I start sketching a new collection. I like the classic shape and stringent nature of the blazer, it’s a great empty canvas to start on and then there are hundreds of ways of twisting the detailing.

What kinds of things are influencing your work right now? Well for SS15, we have just finished the creative process, and this collection is inspired by architectural references, especially the notion of light sources and the breaking of shadows. I am starting up on the new AW15/16 collection next week, and I am leaning towards a forest theme, lets see how it goes, but nature is definitely a theme of my interest right now. I can’t say how or where the interest starts, but for me the winter themes are usually a bit cozier and soft compared to summer, actually relating more directly to the function of the clothes.

If you were a drink what drink would you be? I would be a punch bowl—a great mix of everything—but maybe with a sour twist—sarcastic as I can be.

What’s your absolute favorite place in the city/the world to be? That is an easy one. Wherever—as long as I am together with my wonderful husband.

Any current or upcoming events you are involved in that we should know about? There is always a lot happening in the WACKERHAUS universe. We are showing our SS15 collection in a special way in Copenhagen and Amsterdam over summer. It is always interesting to hear how the collection is perceived and viewed. Daunting each time at first, but ever so rewarding in the end.