September 22, 2014

Cotélac is French designed ready-to-wear by Liliana Figueroa.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do. I am a Franco-Chilean stylist. I was born in Chile and studied in Paris. I started studying Story of the Arts in the Louvre School and afterwards, I graduated from Esmod in Paris. I was already passionate about design for men.

The idea of creating a Cotélac collection for men was born in 2006. The design of the project perfectly matches the well-known style of the brand. I tried to give to the men’s line a part more casual, minimalist, and simple aesthetic, but also with the women’s line, a touch of poetry.

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Tell us about your work process and how it develops. I always begin my collection with my choice of fabrics. It determines my atmospheres of color, generally three atmospheres and it allows me to imagine silhouettes.

After this, I can begin to test the fabrics and give to it a new form of study.

Top 3 favorite or most visited websites and why? Face Hunter and Sartorialist to see looks around the world with a very sharp vision, jjjjound for the selection of design photos and architecture, and Style.com when I need to see fashion shows.

How has living in Lyon affected your work? Since I was 15 years old, I lived in the countryside and my life was very close to the nature. It was a choice. I like the contrast of staying in big and cosmopolitan cities, however, coming-back to the silence of my house. I think that affects my choices in fabrics and naturals materials.



What kinds of things are influencing your work right now? For a long time, indigos influenced my work. I worked with them in various ways; jeans, chinos, jackets, but also with mesh cotton. I have a passion for jeans and treatments, causing me to constantly look for new washing treatments. All my collections begin with blue.

For the next collection, I am going to introduce patches with hand embroideries; I have the “the guide of quilts” on my desk and also Indian embroideries.

What are some recent, upcoming or current projects you are working on? We are going to open our first men’s Cotelac shop in Paris. I am working on the interior design for this project.


If you were a drink what drink would you be? Just a simple glass of champagne.

What designers are you interested in right now? I like the works of Margiela and Acne Studios.

What past trends in fashion should never come back? The bell-bottomed trousers for men!

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How long have you lived in Lyon and what brought you there? 15 years. I had a crush for my house, a house of means and age with a square courtyard.

What do you want a viewer to walk away with after experiencing your work? I like it when a man looks in the mirror and feels beautiful after fitting my trends.

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What’s your absolute favorite place in the city/the world to be? ISTANBUL is the city of my heart, a city that never sleeps and is very cosmopolitan. I like the mix between East and West.

What were you like in high school? I was not a very diligent pupil. I liked partying and going out a lot.

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Favorite article of clothing? Men’s shirts.

Can you share one of the best or worst reactions you have gotten as a result of your work? A good reaction! Yesterday, for example, Joey Starr bought a cardigan in one of our Parisian shops and appreciated the collection. It is encouraging!