Gallery Exhibitions

Long Braids, Strong Backs

4.17.21 - 5.30.21

›LVL3 is proud to present Long Braids, Strong Backs – a two-person exhibition featuring work by Yesenia Bello (Chicago) and Brie Moreno (London). Bello’s attention to repetition through craft processes creates dynamic surfaces that are simultaneously their structure. Various iterations of lines connect to fill and stretch a room. Moreno’s curated compositions render the artist’s intuitive contact between the femme body, fashionable motifs, and a natural landscape. Drawings are traced multiple times to create a refined image. Together, Bello and Moreno create works that combine and recombine in shifting patterns. The artists tap into the sensuousness of nature, where fragments are entrusted as equal players in their shared material world.

Opening Weekend:

Saturday, April 17th 1-6pm
Sunday, April 18th 1-5pm

For opening weekend viewing appointments, please visit the spreadsheet linked here. Appointments are not required but are encouraged due to gallery capacity.


Regular gallery hours Sundays 1-4pm and by appointment.
Email or call/text 312-469-0333 to reserve a time.
*Please note there will be limited occupancy and masks must be worn to enter the gallery.