Ingress Gallery

Ingress Gallery @ Soho House

Presented in partnership with Soho House, Ingress is a community exhibition space highlighting local artists from diverse backgrounds working in a range of media. Through joining spaces Ingress welcomes community members to engage with one another through visual art and social programming.

Ingress Gallery is wheelchair accessible via an elevator
Valet parking is available with the front attendants

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Soho House Chicago
113-125 N Green St,
Chicago, IL 60607

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February — April (Chicago)

David Heo — Liza Jo Eilers — Orkideh Torabi


    • Wed February 15th @7:00pm| Orkideh Torabi
    • Wed March 15th @7:00pm | Liza Jo Eilers
    • Wed April 12th @7:00pm | David Heo

November — January (LA)

Tyler Matthew Oyer  — Ari Salka 


    • Sun December 18th @1:00pm| Tyler Matthew Oyer 
    • Thurs January  12th @7:00pm | Ari Salka 

November — January (Chicago)

Kioto Aoki – Rachael Bos — Noel Mercado


    • Tues November 29th @6:30pm | Kioto Aoki
    • Tues December 6th @6:30pm | Rachael Bos
    • Mon January 9th @6:30pm | Noel Mercado (RSVP LIST IS FULL)

August — October (LA)

Kara Joslyn – Pamela Ramos


    • Wed September 22nd @7:00pm | Pamela Ramos
    • Wed October 20th @7:00pm | Kara Joslyn

July — September (CHI)

Cathy Hsiao – Sam Jaffe  – Cody Tumblin


    • Wed July 27th @6:30pm | Cathy Hsiao
    • Wed August 30th @6:30pm | Sam Jaffe
    • Wed September 28th @6:30pm | Cody Tumblin

April — June (CHI)

Yesenia Bello — Yae Jee Min — Susan Pasowicz+Allison Wade


    • April 27th @6:30pm | Jee Min
    • May 25th @6:30pm | Allison Wade + Susan Pasowicz
    • June 22nd @6:30pm |Yesenia Bello

January — March (CHI)

Madeline Gallucci — Juan Neira — Hope Wang


    • Jan 26th @6:30pm |Juan Neira
    • Feb 24th @6:30pm | Madeline Gallucci
    • March 23rd @6:30pm | Hope Wang