Gallery Exhibitions

I am Not Superstitious

2.05.11 - 2.27.11

We are all free to do what we want, when we want, in the manner we want. We let our minds wander to create our own problems, fears, and dilemmas. We create our own luck. We are in control of our own future.

We can direct our fate, or at least we will continue to act like it. Roll the dice without blowing on them. Spill salt without concern. Create artwork dealing with creation, destruction, the infinite, the dread of ultimately resigning our fate. As LVL3 celebrates its one-year anniversary, it begins this new segment free of preconceived notions from what has come before. Free of superstitions. With an anniversary exhibition we view a demonstration of a fearless exploration deep within the mind, and way far out of it, with a few conceptual and abstract curiosities in between.

Opening Reception
Saturday 5 February 2011