Gallery Exhibitions

At the Mercy of

12.16.2017 - 2.4.2018

LVL3 is proud to present At the Mercy of, a group show featuring Berlin-based Stephen Kent, Chicago-based Sara Ludy, and Nashville-based Lauren Taylor. Rooted in the decorative gesture, Kent’s work references antiquary and art history to better understand meaning within the present. Ludy explores virtual space with ideas and tools that create a materiality constructed through digital processes. Taylor’s installations tell intimate narratives of the familiar while capturing details of a personal, lived experience that teeters between eerie and playful. Kent, Ludy, and Taylor each wield materiality to negotiate personal modes of making both past and present. At the Mercy of highlights this approach, and showcases how each of these three artists utilize the physical transformation of everyday imagery to better serve a contemporary condition.

Opening Reception
Saturday 16 December 2017