Gallery Exhibitions

2012 MDW Fair

11.9.2012 - 12.11.2012

LVL3 will pair sculptural works by Matt Nichols with paintings by Kaylee Wyant. The works complement each other’s approach in dealing with forms, structures and materials. Interested in the evocative potential of forms and surfaces, both artists create works that play with the onlooker’s personal experience.

By playing upon ambiguity these pieces emphasize the spatial, social and psychological relationships between a work of art and its spectator, creating an active viewing experience.  The subtle faux-finish style brushwork used frequently in Wyant’s work juxtaposed with the more aggressive, precise nature of Nichols’s sets a balance for the overall environment. Come see us at Booth #216.

Friday 9 November – 7pm-12am (Vernissage)
Saturday 10 November – 12-6pm (Open to the public)
Sunday 11 November – 12-6pm (Open to the public)

MDW Fair
2233 South Throop Street
Chicago, IL 60608