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Truth Claim @ Carrie Secrist Gallery

When: July 14, 2018 @ 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Where: Carrie Secrist Gallery

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Carrie Secrist Gallery is pleased to announce our summer group exhibition TRUTH CLAIM featuring six Chicago-based artists who challenge pre-conceived notions of photography as a defined entity.

Featuring Kioto Aoki, Aimée Beaubien, Stephen Eichhorn, Alice Q. Hargrave, Mayumi Lake, and Barbarita Polster

This exhibition opens July 18th through August 18, 2018.

Opening reception: July 14 from 5 – 8PM.

The term “Truth Claim” is formally known as a proposition or statement that a particular person or belief system holds to be true. Within the realm of photography, this term challenges the belief that traditional photographs accurately depict reality (Tom Gunning). Further, Gunning states that truth claim relies on both the indexicality, or the physical relationship between the object photographed and the resulting image, and the visual accuracy of photographs. This exhibition expands on these concepts by presenting artwork in a variety of different media that incorporate photography, but also evolve from it.

Each artist in TRUTH CLAIM contributes artwork that in some way pushes, pulls, cuts, abstracts, clarifies, elaborates upon, and explores the medium of photography. Light, sound and objects highlight the physical properties of photographic components by distilling the medium in order to extract its essence. The traditional formats of both analog and digital share equal footing with found images and physical materials that re-consider objecthood versus subjecthood. Here, the philosophical condition of what the truth is hinges on the concept of perception as a tool to measure veracity. This challenge to convention then sets the stage for a re-definition of a medium revealing how the artist’s hand is both limited and limitless in its ability to fool the eye while suggesting ways in which images may reflect truth beyond what they depict. What happens to the integrity of an image when it is unbound from its original form?


Carrie Secrist Gallery
835 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago, IL United States
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Carrie Secrist Gallery

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